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reFX Vanguard VSTi 1.7

This software is a new breed of virtual analog synthesizer
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This software is a new breed of virtual analog synthesizer. Many customers of the 19” hardware gear have been anticipating its arrival. Once you have tried the Vanguard you will be replacing the old hardware.

Vanguard is a completely new project that reFX has put together. Utilizing all of their knowledge, experience and feedback that they have collected over the years into the project and the end project shows this. The result is an audible, virtual analog synthesis system that has moved forward in the right direction.

Vanguard includes the qualities of the good old analog idea, but they have made it even better by including their latest technology. ReFX has obviously spent a lot of man hours programming the synthesis functions as the end result is a combination of warm and rich sounding synthesizer beat and tempo. They have made it as a plug in. This gives you all of the added benefits of todays digital technology.

Not only is the Vanguard a simple synthesizer, but it also features 31 different types of oscillators, including some uncommon digital oscillators with fresh modulation options. There are over 13 filters onboard. This allows you to experiment with different slopes, especially with their new option of combined dual filter variations.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Vanguards trancegate and arpeggiate helps your creativity


  • Limited to specific Windows and Mac applications
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